Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Threat Mitigation Group provides comprehensive consulting services while completing threat, risk and vulnerability assessments and operational planning to help clients achieve the maximum level of security. We help clients to identify, measure and analyze a full spectrum of physical, integrity threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments
TMG provides comprehensive threat, risk, and vulnerability (“TRV”) assessments as well as targeted TRV assessments that specifically address physical security. Our TRV assessments are proven methodologies, concise, confidentially communicated findings, and actionable recommendations.

TRV Assessments
Threats, risks and vulnerabilities are impervious to labels and effectively addressing them often requires the efforts of multiple departments and disciplines. An integrity issue can develop into a physical security incident. The TRV environment within an organization constantly changes based on internal and external circumstances. Whether it is a determined outsider with a pre-mediated plot to take advantage of a gaping hole or a dedicated insider acting on the spur of the moment to slip through an institutional crack, an organization can defend itself only by identifying the holes and cracks and plugging them up. TMG integrates years of risk mitigation experience with specific client knowledge to develop solutions for the full spectrum of physical and integrity issues that confront any organization. Whether your organization addresses threats, risks and vulnerabilities with a centralized chief security officer, or such responsibility is decentralized across various departments, our “TRV” Assessment is designed to help the appropriate members of your company or organization understand the TRV “big picture” and to drill down to actionable recommendations that proactively safeguard people, assets, and reputation. All of our TRV Assessments includes a TRV assessment of physical and integrity security, as described in more detail below:

Physical Security TRV Assessment
Our knowledge of law enforcement, engineering, property management and technology gives us remarkable insight, common sense and credibility, all of which lead to cutting-edge yet actionable recommendations to protect the physical security of our clients. TMG delivers physical security assessments and recommendations to senior managers, in-house security, risk mitigation professionals, design teams, construction managers and facilities managers.

TMG uses proven methodologies to identify, measure and address physical security threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Our experience is especially broad and deep in the following environments:

  • Hospitals and research facilities
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Public safety and detention facilities
  • Municipal buildings
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Retail facilities including plaza and malls
  • High-profile, mixed-use developments
  • Nuclear


Integrity TRV Assessment
Many times a company’s greatest threat can come from within, at the hand of just one individual who knows how to manipulate systems and avoid checks to serve his or her own ends. TMG is expert at identifying instances of theft and other financial malfeasance and assessing, analyzing and improving the control and integrity environments of client organizations. Our Integrity TRV Assessment utilizes our expertise in financial investigations and integrity monitoring and includes a thorough review of compliance, purchasing, legal, security and accounting policies, procedures and operations. We provide confidential reports with actionable recommendations that allow our clients to confront and correct issues and strengthen their integrity environment. TMG can tailor its integrity assessment methodologies to any industry or situation and all types of regulatory and compliance requirements. In all instances, our Integrity TRV Assessment will protect a client’s bottom line.