Emergency Services

Emergency Services

No matter where in the world an emergency situation places your assets or people in harm’s way, TMG can help protect them now and help you make preemptive plans to protect them in the future.

Emergency Planning and Rapid Response on a Local and Global Scale in today’s post-9/11 world, it is critical to have contingencies in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, and act of terrorism, or any other unpredictable calamity.  TMG’s Emergency Response Services team can work with you to prepare for or respond to any eventuality.

TMG is well acquainted with rapid and massive evacuations in many of the world’s hot zones.  TMG’s forward planning will help map out emergency response procedures and requirements in advance of incidents. Our staff members are local personnel who know the local infrastructure, enabling us to evacuate people rapidly when necessary.

Offering a Full Range of Emergency Response Services

In times of actual crisis, TMG can provide the following:

  •     Protection of assets (including distribution centers, buildings, equipment, machinery and technology)
  •     Protection services for your employees
  •     Protection services for your subcontractors, vendors and partners
  •     Armed or unarmed escort services
  •     Protection at residences or offices at set times or on a 24/7 basis
  •     Escort services for transportation of your goods or supplies
  •     Evacuation services for employees and their families

Due to the sheer unpredictable nature of natural and manmade events, TMG also executes contingency planning and can assist you with business continuity planning and disaster recovery, both locally and globally